Who Else Likes Funny Pregnancy Comics?

Here are some of my favourite funny pregnancy comics from Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips by David and Kelly Sopp. Hilariously good stuff!

Click here for more funny pregnancy comics, as well as at Who Else Likes Funny Baby Comics?

Pregnancy Tips 1a

Ever wondered if the lady on the LRT is pregnant or just “prosperous”?

Pregnancy Tips 1b

Next time when in doubt, just get up or pretend to be asleep!

Pregnancy Tips 3a

Always look to Malaysians to set an example when driving.

Pregnancy Tips 3b

Sometimes a good example, sometimes a bad example!

Pregnancy Tips 5

No fair! Guys like stretchy clothes too!

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26 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by p a t t on 7 August, 2009 at 2:03 am

    the public transit one is heeeelarious!

    i think many preggie women feel like doing that!


  2. Hi Mark!

    Glad you like the jokes. There are other jokes on my blog as well but you’ve gotta dig further in.

    I particularly love these 2:



    • Hi Jenny!

      I loved the jokes! 🙂

      You’ll have to give me a bit of time to spam the rest of your site! I think I’ve already sent you quite a bit of traffic (by myself) for one day. 😉

      Thanks for the links, will definitely check them out. As long as they don’t involve more flying fluids from Ben. 😉


  3. No worries. I’m a fulltime mum, I enjoy reading feedbacks from ppl. I’m still astonished got ppl read my blog hahahah!!


    • You know, I was just going to recommend you give some encouragement to Lonely Mommy on the babycenter forum!

      I saw her post and though hm, Jenny would be perfect to give her some advice, as you’ve left your career as well. How long will you be out of your career, is it permanent?

      Sounds like Lonely Mommy’s itching for work though, maybe wants to feel more productive.

      I didn’t leave a message on the forum though, as I figured people might find it a bit odd/scary that the last 7 threads on the babycenter forum all have last commented by the same guy. =-P


      • hahahah… it only occurred to me that you got to my blog thru babycenter MY tsday nite! sorry, braincells depleting – all went to Ben thru the breastmilk already! 😀

        ya, i posted something to her, hopefully it helps. right now, no plans yet when i plan to go back work but i don’t think i’ll go back to my previous company, unless that egoistical person is gone or say sorry to me.. 😛


  4. As you can see, I’ve yet to have much feedback so I get terribly excited whenever I get any. 🙂 Hint hint, haha

    I even wonder what my spamblocker is blocking out.

    So far your blog’s been pretty entertaining. 🙂 Not like other’s I’ve been checking out, which sometimes feel a bit dry.


    • oo.. thx thx!

      i think ever since i become a mummy, i feel very excited to tell ppl about my experiences – pregnancy, labour, babycare, etc etc

      so stay tuned ya. sometimes i can post up to 3-4 times a day hahaha… 🙂


      • Hey, just because you have the time to post 3-4 times a day doesn’t mean I have the time to read it all you know! Haha 🙂

        Go ahead and post, just…stay away from the pooey pictures. It’s kinda stuck in my head, you and poo. =-P


  5. Breastmilk drains your braincells??? O.o

    Well, do you honestly think that person will be gone?

    Even if that person’s gone, there’s sure to be more like her. So just let off some steam, and move on!

    If you’ve no plans to go back to IT, you could help me with my own childcare centre. 😉


    • Errmm.. everywhere there’s bound to be ppl like this. I’m just sad cos I love the company & friends I made there.

      Childcare center? Let me gain more experience in caring for Ben 1st.. hahaha… Thanks for the offer tho’.. 😀


      • You can still keep in touch, just because you’re not working there anymore doesn’t mean you can’t see people anymore. =-P

        Haha, the childcare center isn’t opening tomorrow. Thinking about 2 3 years time. By then Ben will almost be in preschool ma. 😉


  6. Of course, I do stay in touch with my ex-colleagues. Not just because of 1 bad person I just stay away from everyone else…

    Anyway, aiya…2-3 years time, we see how la… by then maybe I will have a few other do-re-mi following Ben laaaa… 😀


  7. What maybe maybe! I have incriminating photos of you with poo covered Ben =-P

    Well, it’s not so much of an issue that the industry is female-dominated, it’s more that guys are viewed differently. It’s not all bad though, I suppose. =-P


  8. That’s the problem, neglect of proper care, and I think it actually stems from parents themselves. They’re not demanding enough!

    They just want somewhere to dump their kids while they’re at work, and only want their kids to be safe and healthy at the end of the day. Education isn’t a requirement to them, it’s a bonus.

    My pipe dream is to have a really high quality childcare, where kids are not only looked after properly, but are nurtured to grow and develop not just mentally, but physically, socially, emotionally, etc.

    For starters I’d like high quality well-trained and qualified staff, but apparently most childcare centres can’t afford to pay such people.

    Ah well, maybe I’ll have a high quality one leg kick childcare centre =-P


    • Ok, cool. But then nowadays also got alot of this childcare center – Montessori methods, playstuff, etc etc. When are you returning to MY to set up your center?


      • Yea, not only Montessori methods but quite a few different funky kinds also.

        What to do, how to differentiate myself? =-P Only guy in Malaysia with a postgrad in Childcare from the UK! (?) =-P

        Since I used to be in finance, everything’s new and exciting to me. So while I may have a lot of exciting “ideas” in my head, these may already be done by everyone already. =-P

        As for when I’m returning to MY, probably about 2 or 3 years time. For now my near term plan is to complete my 1 year EYPS course which starts in 5 weeks time, then after that see what kind of knowledge and experience I can get from here to tapau back to MY. 🙂


  9. Posted by Mel on 9 August, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    OMG I totally understand the prosperous or pregnant one…its hard to tell sometimes and u think if I get up and offer her a seat and she’s just big then ur gonna get a whooping……so the safest is to pretend ur at ur stop, get out and change carriage =) hahahaha


    • Haha, yea, I speak from years of experience!

      Changing trains is a bit much. =-P Just pretend to be asleep, or at least just pretend you got a phonecall and have to get up to get your phone out of your pocket then wander off to another part of the train.

      Although usually there’s not even enough space to stand, much less wander on the LRT. =-P


  10. Well, normally I would give up the seat, DESPITE going in the opposite direction first and THEN coming back to ensure that I have a seat, BUT in the interests of promoting gender equality, since I’m a guy in childcare and all…



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