Attidude, Ideology And Passion In Early Years Childcare

“Being a professional working with young children is not just about meeting standards; it’s about attitude, ideology and passion…”

Dr Avril Brock

Attitude, ideology and passion.

If you’re working with children, you should LOVE working with children. Sounds great, but that’s far from what I’ve seen so far.

In a working environment

The people I see working with children are a miserable bunch. Admittedly, deep down they are all cheerful individuals, but the constant stress of their jobs has left them jaded, and perpetually in a sour mood. They would jump at the chance to move on to something else.

In a learning environment

The students doing my course, the Early Years Professional (EYP) Status, can be divided into 2 main groups:

  • Inexperienced. These are the people on the course who have just finished their first degree. Those who studied something related to Early Years Childcare seem to have joined the course only because it was the next step on the educational ladder. Worst still are those who studied something unrelated to Early Years Childcare, who seem to have just jumped onto the programme on a whim.
  • Experienced. These are the people who are not fresh graduates. Rather than expanding their knowledge out of passion, they are instead seeking job stability. This is exacerbated by the government’s requirements on childcare settings having EYPs.

I consider myself fortunate, as I still find myself passionate about working with children. Maybe it’s because I’m relatively new, but it’s honestly the first time I’ve ever looked forward to going to work. I sure hope I’m not part of a rare and dying breed.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Happy to hear about your passion in doing what you want.

    That’s exactly what I felt before I quit my job (now that my priority in life has changed), I strongly agree on your statement about passion in doing what you like and looking forward to going to work.

    Regardless of my pay (which is high btw) or the workload (which is also high), I think there’s no point in having a high-paying-good-name-sounding job when all you do 9am-6pm is just chat at office, waste time, surf net, gossip yada yada yada …

    My personal opinion is I get paid X amount cos of my talents and knowledge so I should deliver results and not waste God’s gifts to me. (at the end of the day, we are all answerable to God you know… :D)

    Keep up the good work & ganbatte!! 😀


  2. Thanks Jenny.

    Chat at office, surf net, are you sure your workload is high? 🙂


  3. Means other people lah! 😉

    I know exactly what you mean. There was this occasion, everyone was waiting on one fella to go to lunch. But he so tense in front of his com, say wait first, wait first, and look so stress and busy, even the HoD was waiting for him.

    Then someone peak on his screen, he’s actually on Friendster. =-P

    And of course got all those “can only go home after boss leaves”, even though they have absolutely nothing to do.

    Ah, the joys of office life! 🙂


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