The 3 Most Important Things In Choosing A Childcare Provider

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How To Choose The Best Childcare?

I’m sure we can all agree how important choosing a reliable, affordable childcare provider is. It’s not always a simple task though! To help out, here are some pointers for choosing a childcare provider that’s best for your child’s happiness and development:

1. Know what’s important to YOU

Math Monkey may produce the human calculators, while Shichida may churn out the baby geniuses, but is that what you really want? Don’t get blinded by all the marketing hype! Sit down with your partner and make a specific list of what you BOTH expect from a childcare provider.

That way, the next time you’re hunting for “the one” and the owner brags that the kids have won awards for their toilet paper origami, you can quickly check your list to see that toilet paper origami’s not there, and save time by saying thanks but no thanks.

2. Great place, but does it suit you?

Sometimes it’s obvious you’ve found a great childcare provider. The place has a good reputation, is full of vibrant energy, and the kids are happy and learning useful skills. However, you still have to take into consideration if the “perfect childcare” is perfect for you.

You shouldn’t have to make too many sacrifices to fit it into your life, like driving 4 hours a day, spending more money than you can afford or being put on a one year waiting list. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it, so make the right choice.

3. Do your homework

And I don’t mean just properly researching your options, like The Secret To Choosing A Good Nursery. Once you know what your options are, you have to try them out as well. Bring your child in for trial visits to see how she feels about the place.

Also, check if the childcare provider is willing to let you see how the place runs, without someone watching over you. This lets you see the place in a more natural state, in addition to giving you a good chance to talk to staff and other parents without the awkwardness of the owner standing right beside you.

While I myself feel these are the 3 most important things in choosing a childcare, you may very well disagree. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below, and share this article with your friends!

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm.. I’m not sure about childcare provider, but last time when we tried looking for a nanny, we go for these few criterias:

    1) Hygiene and cleanliness of the place – if there are items strewn all about in the place, that’s a no-no (one nanny’s house we went really turned us off… the clothes of the children she is caring for, altogether 3 are just dump outside the chain link fence where all the cars and lorries go past – so unhygienic!)

    2) How many people staying in the nanny house – at any time, nanny nowadays are taking care of at least 2 child so in the event of a fire (or any emergency), I’m kinda thinking which child she is going to save and is she able to do that?

    3) How many children is the nanny taking care of at 1 time. If there are too many (like more than 3) and there are any with the similar age group, I’d reject the nanny. A nanny is not like childcare center (where there are more staff) so if she is caring for more than 3 child at 1 time and the age gap is very near then I’m not sure how much attention can the nanny focus on each child.

    4) What are the children she is caring for doing (at least when we were there interviewing her) – that will at least give us a clue on how she will care for the children, whether she knows how to discipline them or just force them to sleep or stay in the play pen etc etc.

    Anyway, maybe because we are so choosy with these factors, I end up taking care of my own baby after interviewing about 4 nannies and them failing our critierias…


    • And you were more than happy with your decision weren’t you? 🙂


      • Of course… no worries on whether nanny can take care / handle your own child properly or not… whether your child is learning anything or not, whether your child is interacting and given the freedom to do / experiment on their own (of course under watchful eyes), then the joy of watching and being involved and part of your child’s milestone and discoveries, and no more fears of your child being abused by psychotic nanny (I’ve heard enough of the real life stories on how nanny abuse the children they are caring for)

        What a bliss to be a full time mummy 🙂


  2. Yea, one of my Tweets at the side mentions the latest psychotic childcarer case in the UK:

    Scary. Wonder what punishment they’ll get.

    Btw, you’re up awfully late. 🙂


  3. If it were 24/7 you wouldn’t be “going to bed” at all right? Pffft! =-P


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