ARGH! Darn You Children!

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you to all my readers. I used to feel like I was just talking to myself, but recently, many of you have connected with me via comments, email and Twitter. You’ve really made my day by showing your support not only for this blog, but for my new reflective journal as well!

So now that I’m not just talking to myself, I thought I’d ask for a little audience participation. In fact, it’s more along the lines of asking for advice. Maybe even a cry for help.

You see, for the past week, a couple of boys have been throwing rocks at my windows…Every. Single. Night. There’s no punishment or reward involved here, I’m not as young as I used to be so I doubt I can actually catch them.

What do you think I should do? Pause for a moment and really think about it before you carry on reading.

Got your answer yet?

Great, do carry on reading, and tell me (please!) at the end.

Aren't Kids Just So Loveable?

At Least They're Having Fun...

The first night rocks started banging against window, I decided I was just going to ignore them. They were probably just bored kids exhibiting challenging behaviour to try and provoke a response. If I refused to be part of their game, they’d stop. And they did.

For 20 minutes.

Then they started throwing harder. I tried to ignore them again, but the banging against the window was getting louder and louder, so I thought I’d better put a stop to it before they smashed the window (it’s been broken 4 times already). Anyway, I opened up the window and yelled at them to stop, causing them to run off while laughing hysterically.

Half an hour later, I heard a crashing noise. Fortunately, it wasn’t the sound of another window repair bill, but instead they’d thrown a coke bottle. I must say they have very good aim…must be all the practice.

The attacks stopped for that night, so I thought the worst was over. But they’ve returned every night, and they’re so bold that they actually target the window of the room I’m in (seeing the light from the outside).

As far as I can tell, my options are to:

  • Report them to the police (I even have them on CCTV)
  • Yell at them each time (I think they like it though)
  • Try and catch them (Yea, and then what?)
  • Find out where they live and throw rocks at their windows every single night (Maybe we can be friends!)
  • Ignore them (Who needs windows anyway right?)

OK, so that’s the story so far. I’m hoping that they’ll tire of their game, but just in case they don’t, what do you think I should do?

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27 responses to this post.

  1. Pity you! … Really ill-disciplined children!
    Well, I will throw a pail of water down at them… hahaha… and then when they complained to their parents i will show their parents the CCTV video.


    • My aim isn’t as good as theirs (some kids even threw in a McDonalds drink into a slightly opened window). I don’t think I’d be able to hit them with rocks or a sniper rifle, much less a pail of water. =-P

      I wonder how hard it is to set up those rope traps that Wile E Coyote always uses…


  2. Your options & my feedback:
    * Report them to the police (I even have them on CCTV) – police will say you are such a whiny baby and tell you to sod off…
    * Yell at them each time (I think they like it though) – unless you plan on trying to audition to be Steve Tyler anytime soon, no yelling pls…
    * Try and catch them (Yea, and then what?) – yeah.. catch them and then what? Fry them??
    * Find out where they live and throw rocks at their windows every single night (Maybe we can be friends!) – can consider but what if their parents caught you?
    * Ignore them (Who needs windows anyway right?) – yeah.. this works until you have strong wind/rain/snow…

    My option:
    Become their friends by installing one of those basketball thing where they can actually throw REAL basket balls into it instead of to your windows. You score more points if you give them the basketball FOC.

    Play a game or two with them, communicate and find out more on their personal lives like where they stay, what’s their hobbies, yada yada yada *yawn*.

    Then once they have become your friends and become more open to you, bring that recording you have on the CCTV to their parents and see what they do with them.


    (p.s: Of course, you need to invest a bit in getting the basketball thing… but think of it, you can probably recyle it back when you open up a center back in MY)


    • Wah, so befriend them and then betray them ah? o.O


      • Yup!! 😛

        Anyway, come to think of it, if you complain about them, what if they change target? Instead of throwing rocks to your window, they throw at the CCTV? 😛


        • Hm…change target…good also? 🙂

          Oh, you meant different items, not different person. The CCTVs are purposely “kinda” sturdy, rather than those sticking out type which ease ease to break.

          Sigh, they’re really expensive but don’t look very sturdy, I hope they’re not as evil-minded as you! 🙂


          • This is not evil-minded ok? This is just putting yourself into their shoes. If I get bored of throwing rocks at window or I get complained by the person whose windows I’m throwing rocks at, I’d change target if I still don’t learn my lessons. 😛

  3. Posted by Audrey Lee on 26 October, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Hey, is this for real or what? I hv this strong feeling that you are just pulling your readers’ legs!!! How did you manage to sanp the photo with them in action? You were waiting for them inside a building opposite your room?

    If this is for real – maybe you could write a big sign stating, “I have CCTV and you are in it!” or place a hard plastic sheet over your glass window or you can contact your landlord and ask him to deal with those children? Afterall, he must hv promised you that the area is safe and peaceful before you rented the room from him, right?
    Good luck!


    • Oops, my fault, sorry.

      I didn’t mean to imply that the picture there is of my house. I’m hopeless at taking photos, so pictures on the blog are never from my camera. Should have put the little *for illustration purposes only.

      We have 4 CCTV cameras outside the house, and one is aimed along the alley facing the window, and that’s how I saw the 2 boys.

      We also put up big red signs here and there saying something like “WARNING! Under CCTV surveillance”. The window they normally break has also been covered with some kinda foam padding thing, but we can’t really do that with every single window.

      And finally, the landlord is someone close to me, so I can’t really ask her to solve the problem. =-P

      Am I clear of leg-pulling yet, or do I have to upload the surveillance video (which I don’t know how to do)? >.<


      • Posted by Audrey Lee on 27 October, 2009 at 8:42 am

        Ok, ok I am convinced! IIt’s just that I really wonder, what is going on with the children nowadays??? (in Msia, we would call them ‘samseng’ ). I agree that police report is the best thing to do, so that the police is aware of it in case things really get out of hand, ie. someone is hurt, building is burnt down, etc. After lodging the police report, if you don’t use (open) the window on a daily basis, cover it up temporary (sort of like sealing it) with wooden planks to imply that you are not opening the window anymore and don’t care whether it is broken or not.

        Hey, alternatively try the law of attraction, ie. tell yourself first thing in the morning and several times in the day that they will not come back today. Do this for a few days and see what happen. The law of attraction says that if you keep thinking of something (in a positive or negative way), it will happen. So, if you think that they will not come back, it might work?!?


        • Good to hear you’re convinced. 🙂

          The problem isn’t just children, it’s society as a whole isn’t it? In Malaysia itself, all you ever hear about is more and more, worse and worse crimes.

          I’ve never heard that “Law Of Attraction” before. Maybe that’s why my stupid bus is always late, because I keep worrying about it. Anyway, I do keep hoping that they won’t come back…


  4. hahaha…nah, I knew u were telling us your (true) daily nightmare here 😛 why not u scare them away, the halloween way! u know, those ugly monster mask thingy. unfortunately they are not chinese kids lah. else u may just throw out some of the praying papers (sorry, don’t know what they call exactly) where the chinese will burn it during Soul Day. am sure those praying papers will scare them off! 😛


  5. Posted by p a t t on 27 October, 2009 at 2:23 am

    i suggest either
    1) Police report (just to cover your a**) then call them each time you catch them

    2) Install on of those motion sensor lights (shines BRIGHT LIGHT on them when they come near)

    3) Install alarm – if you hear them throwing rocks – press the button to sound the alarm – stick your head out with a camera then proceed to snap photos – making sure they see you

    Then report them again


    • Hehe, very reporting attitude.

      Yea, I think a police report might be my last option. Not so that police catch them, but so that they’ll send out patrol cars. But the kids would probably find that exciting. The week before they set fire to the metal dustbin in the alleyway…really big fire, like 1 story high the flames! Right beside the garage, sigh.

      A fire engine came and the kids loved it. Luckily nothing was damaged except for the dustbin.

      I should probably take a photo of the melted dustbin, but might be kinda weirdo if I do. 🙂

      We do have a motion sensor light, but it’s not in the alleyway. That’s kinda public area isn’t it?

      There’s also a house alarm, but you can barely hear it from the outside. =-P Useful huh?


  6. Posted by p a t t on 27 October, 2009 at 9:14 am

    lolz – here’s when you wish you coudl use those alarms that has a fetured voice as loud as a foghorn that will say whatever you want it to say

    eg” OOOOOI stop throwing the rocks!!!”


  7. Full-time Mummy, I did put myself in their shoes, so if I ignore them, the game is boring therefore (hopefully) pointless.

    If I were them, they should be playing sports or chasing girls, not looking for a lame criminal record. Imagine comparing with all the other macho criminals. What’s your record for?



    Throwing rocks at windows.


    • Hmmm… they just want attention lah since its been going on for ages. This kids don’t get attention from their family ar?


      • Probably not.

        Not everyone’s so lucky to be a stay at home parent. 😉


        • Eh, eh, also depends on the people those kids mix with. If you mix your kid with the wrong group then also they will learn the bad things wor…

          I still think you should be their friend. Best results is they stopped this bad behaviour once you are in their gang of friends… but scared, later you befriend them , you also end up throwing rocks at window like them 😛


          • Posted by p a t t on 30 October, 2009 at 8:18 am


            as long as the kids dont’ change the target adn throw rocks at Mark instead of the window!

          • Well, I’d love to invite them for a game of basketball and all that, but I don’t think it’s that easy. I also don’t think joining their “gang” and doing their things is a good idea…become tai ko meh? =-P

            If only I could train them to do my housework…or even pay them a (tiny) bit of money also maybe acceptable.

            I’m so adorable, who would want to throw things at me!?

            It’s because of me that there’s the Chinese saying, “People meet, people love”.

  8. Hi Mark…

    I have to admit, i was in their shoes before…seriously…not throwing rocks at ppl’s window…but it was something else (not proud to admit it actually). er yah…i was one of those disobedient type hahaaa

    Well, the solution is to give it some time, they will stop once you don’t give it any attention. 🙂

    Takes a few months …. for it to cool down ya…


    • Hey Mumzzy, want to tell, but don’t want to tell like that. Of course you have to give full details on what you did!

      I don’t think it’ll pass in a few months…those kids have been throwing rocks for ages. One of their favourite games is to sit on a high spot way across the street and try and hit a street light right next to my house…I dread hearing that “Ting!” sound.

      Also, I think yesterday someone stole the neighbour’s bike. And no it wasn’t captured on my CCTV.


  9. Posted by RER on 18 November, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    How bout using the Chow Sing Chi way?
    You know, like having those dogs barking sounds recorded and then play it when those little monsters come by. Scare them off? hahahaha…

    Great that you’re interest is in child care / early education.
    Hopefully, there can be some early intervention… stop them from being a menace to society and learn how to be less selfish and more socially responsible individuals.

    I still thing Mr. Chow knows best!
    use the ipod!


    • Which movie was that? I got the “Ultimate Sing Sing DVD Collection” but I don’t remember seeing that bit? 🙂

      If I use the iPod, they’d probably try and steal it…


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