Dressing Up For Nursery

Ever felt really silly or out of place? Working with kids, I get that silly feeling all the time! Like when I’m letting the girls ‘do my hair’, or helping the boys on with their dresses because they’d like to be princesses.

However, yesterday was a whole new level of silly for me!

World Book Day

The nursery was having a trip to the park. So there I was, walking down the street, with Bugs Bunny, Bob the Builder, and best of all, a Dalmatian walking 2 children on leashes!

Yup, it was World Book Day, and the nursery took the opportunity to let everybody have a chance to dress up as a book character.

We had the good fortune of passing by some construction workers as well. It wasn’t too bad. They just asked Bob the Builder to give them a hand, as well as meowing at the Dalmatian.

What Did I Dress Up As?

Moo? Oink? What?

I’m not much of a shopping person, so with my limited resources, I just went as a pirate.

The kids loved the sword, although it was a headache making sure they didn’t swing it around and get violent with it.

In lieu of a parrot (I’m all out of parrots!), I pinned a pig on my shoulder. He was in fancy dress too, as a cow!

The kids were, needless to say, adorable. No pictures allowed, but my favourite was Buzz Lightyear, complete with a pair of wings that kept knocking everything down, much to the child’s dismay. 🙂

To infinity, and beyond!

How Was It For The Kids?

Reactions were mixed from the children. Most of them were excited at first, but the novelty soon wore off, and most of them didn’t even want their costumes on anymore.

Some didn’t even turn up in costumes, and you just have to feel so sorry for them! Parents would offer a lame ‘Awww, I forgot, I feel terrible!’, but you can’t help but think ‘Yea right! You really suck!

One mother even said her son had a Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt and underwear on, so he’s supposed to be dressed up as Thomas. Ok…guess my coconut tree underwear makes me Mr Coconut Tree on most days then.

Giant Bunnies Are Scary

One of the staff members wore a full body Bugs Bunny suit, complete with a head and everything. The big skwishee hands made her really clumsy, and the suit made her really hot.

On top of it all, the kids not only couldn’t recognise her, I think some were downright freaked out by her! She had to take off the head and keep telling the kids who she was, otherwise they’d just stare at her fearfully. 🙂

I couldn’t help but smile each time I saw a giant bunny though, haha.

Any dressing up experiences of your own to share?

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by p a t t on 8 March, 2010 at 1:35 am

    hahah a- sounds like fun!


  2. Posted by Maddie_moo on 8 March, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Fancy Dress Party, great fun!
    You should enjoy it!


  3. Childcare is always fun!

    With or without dressing up!


  4. I didn’t recognize your blog!!! This made me laugh and I hate dressing up. I never do actually:) It is just outside my comfort zone!


    • Didn’t recognise it? What’s changed? =-P

      We only realise our full potential by leaving our comfort zone! You may have great potential as a clown, or a giant dinosaur! 🙂


  5. Now a days dressing up children is art as children are becoming more demanding and modern..Nice topic covered..keep it up!!


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