What Do You Think About Education In Malaysia?

First off, for a really good overview of the educational choices available in Malaysia, read this article by David BC Tan:

Between a rock and a hard place

I don’t have any children of my own (at least not as far as I know!), so let me tell you about my own educational experience.

I attended 2 years of government school, before going to 2 different private schools. What do I think of the education I received in Malaysia?

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Is The Early Childhood Profession For You?

Featuring Shara Lawrence-Weiss, founder of Personal Child Stories and Mommy Perks. Shara has a background in education, early childhood, freelance, special needs, nanny work and marketing. She resides in Northern Arizona with her husband and three children.

Did you answer NO to most of the questions below? If so, you should probably walk away, my friend.

Many people, of all ages, wonder if the early childhood profession is for them. Oftentimes (yes, really) they assume that childcare/preschool is:

• Easy
• Brainless
• Mindless
• Simple
• Fun
• No skills required
• Easy way to make money
• Anyone can do it
• As long as the kid is alive at the end of the day, it’s all good

My 20+ years working with children has taught me the following:

• It’s hard
• It’s rough
• It’s amazing
• It’s a blast
• It’s exhausting
• It’s exhilarating
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Communicating With Your Baby: Baby Signs

The world’s leading sign language program for hearing babies

Article by Jamie Solomon, Director of Baby Signs Malaysia and Certified Instructor of the Baby Signs(R) Program

for BabyBook (reprinted here with permission from Jamie Solomon)

Your baby’s crying and you don’t know why. She’s pointing to something and you don’t know what. You take her for a stroll in the mall, she’s looking excitedly around and you wonder what goes on in her mind. At times, you catch her trying to communicate with you through her body gestures but you can’t seem to figure it out.

You start to teach her to wave ‘bye-bye’, soon she catches on. You sing to her your favorite Children Songs and soon she mimics your actions. It’s all wonderful and cute, but “Parents, don’t just stop there”. Read on to find out how you can harness the ability in your child to communicate with you through sign language.

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BabyBook: The Pregnancy And Baby Care Guide

Having a baby is easily one of the important milestones in a couple’s life. It’s also one of the most challenging! There are so many things you need to know (or rather, worry about): salt content in food, choking hazards, SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME!

How are new parents supposed to know about these things?

  • Your parents? They may have done a superb job raising you, but let’s face it, where did they get their knowledge from? Their OWN parents, 60 years ago?
  • The internet? I love Google too, but are you really going to put the most important period of your little one’s life in Google’s hands?
  • Your friends? How reliable is their knowledge? You’re not really going to raise your pride and joy based on what your friend heard from her sister’s neighbour’s aunt’s brother’s colleague are you?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone already collected all the information you need to know, and put it in a nice little convenient book? Well, since I’m writing this, obviously someone already did!

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Asia Pacific Conference Of Early Childhood Education Graduates

Asia Pacific Conference Of Early Childhood Education Graduates
The Asia Pacific Conference Of Early Childhood Education Graduates will be holding an event at University Malaya on the 29th and 30th January 2010. The central theme will be ‘Developing Human Capital Begins With Children’, but other themes and objectives will be addressed as well (listed in the brochures below).

Participants will include Early Childhood Education professionals, policy makers, administrators, academicians, educators, non-academician, parents and students. So if you’re not interested in the central theme, but are still interested in Early Childhood Education, the event still represents a good chance to get to know and network with industry players. Continue reading

Childcare Workers Only Paid A Tenth Of Their Worth

Childcare workers only get £1 for every £9.50 of benefits to society they create, according to a recent study called ‘A Bit Rich’ by the New Economics Foundation. In contrast, leading bankers (who are paid £500 thousand to £80 million a year) actually destroy £7 for every £1 they’re paid!

OK, to be fair, the aftermath of the global economic crisis isn’t the best of times to be considering how much value bankers generate. Still, the message is clear: Childcare workers could stand to be appreciated a whole lot more.

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Schemas – How To Understand And Extend Children’s Behaviour

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