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Little Bunny Foo Foo!

It’s Easter, and every nursery is busy with Easter stories, activities and decorations!

Personally, I’ve always thought of Easter as a big marketing scheme by Cadbury to sell chocolate eggs. But did you know that the eggs (and even the rabbits) actually DO hold some significance to Easter?

Anyway, here’s a catchy song that’s been stuck in my head recently. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched it till the very end just to find out what a goon is…

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Dressing Up For Nursery

Ever felt really silly or out of place? Working with kids, I get that silly feeling all the time! Like when I’m letting the girls ‘do my hair’, or helping the boys on with their dresses because they’d like to be princesses.

However, yesterday was a whole new level of silly for me! Continue reading

3 Social Understanding Activities For Young Children

Children Human Pyramid

Social Understanding Is Important For Kids To Fit Into Society

I’ve always found that young children are just plain self-centred. Even before they are born they’re already showered with attention, and their favourite first words will be me, mine and more.

Therefore, when I was required to plan an activity for my 2-3 years old age group, I decided to focus on building social understanding. I haven’t actually done it yet, but here are some of the best ideas that I came across while looking for a good activity:

Follow The Leader

Here’s the activity I’m going to try, which is an easier version of Changing The Leader. The children will take turns being the leader, doing whatever actions they wish, and the others will have to mimic their actions. I hope this will build on their awareness of others, as right now they wouldn’t even notice if they’re stepping on one another.

Lead Me

What better way to build trusting relationships than with blindfolds? One child will be blindfolded, while another will be responsible for leading him from one point to another. I’d probably remove the ‘verbal instructions only’ though, as the children are a bit young.

All In

I’ve actually been through an activity like this myself. The children will be grouped together in a contained area, perhaps on top of cushions or a rope circle. The area is then made smaller by removing cushions or making the circle smaller. They will have to communicate with one another as well as be aware of others in order for them all to stay within the contained area.

Building social understanding takes time, and it’s hard to measure the results. Nevertheless, children always delight in new experiences, so at the very least I hope they’ll have fun, and maybe even make some new friends.

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