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How To Get Free Childcare And Have More Time For Yourself

Constantly on the run?

Constantly on the run?

These days, incomes are getting smaller and smaller, while expenses are getting bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, if parents aren’t busy chasing careers, they’re busy chasing kids!

Raising kids is tiring and expensive, and that’s why babysitting co-ops have been rising in popularity. Babysitting co-ops have been featured on CNN and in publications like Parenting, NewsWeek, The Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

The babysitting co-op system is simple, yet effective. Basically, families in a community take turns babysitting each other’s children as a group. This is better than your typical babysitter set-up because:

  • It creates a stronger sense of community, with neighbours getting to know one another better.
  • Children make new friends. This can solve one of the main drawbacks of homeschooling, namely that of limited social interaction.
  • It’s free free free!

Specific rules will depend on each babysitting co-op, but most will be based upon a points-based system. Getting babysitting for your children will cost points, while babysitting other children will earn points.

More details about babysitting co-ops can be found in this attachment:

How To Create A Neighborhood Babysitting Cooperative

and there are even free startup kits available online.

There may already be an existing babysitting co-op in your area, ask around! Try approaching other parents at the church or childcare centre you frequent. Otherwise, it’s easy to start one up from scratch, with as few as just 3 families involved. Make sure that rules are set out in advance in black and white, as this well help avoid any misunderstandings and feelings of resentment later on.

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