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Babies In Buckets!

Personally, if I saw someone fill up a bucket of water and then put a baby inside, I’d be worried. Wouldn’t you? Apparently though, soaking babies in buckets of water is the latest child pacifying “craze” from the Netherlands.

Do they look happy to you?

Do they look happy to you?

The “Tummy Tub” is supposedly gaining in popularity around Europe, and is meant to help ease the transition from a mother’s womb.

Manufacturers boast various benefits, including:

  • Babies naturally adopt the foetal position and it is amazing to see how quickly they calm and relax.
  • Babies feel warm, reassured and secure.
  • Helps babies settle and sleep, and is excellent for colicky babies.

So…it’s more or less like having a warm bath with mom. Only without the bonding experience. Ah well, I guess using a bucket does save on the water bill. At the very least, the bucket could also be used for housework!

What do you think about the Tummy Tub? A great tool to keep baby happy? Or a glorified gimmick bucket?

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