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Childcare Workers Only Paid A Tenth Of Their Worth

Childcare workers only get £1 for every £9.50 of benefits to society they create, according to a recent study called ‘A Bit Rich’ by the New Economics Foundation. In contrast, leading bankers (who are paid £500 thousand to £80 million a year) actually destroy £7 for every £1 they’re paid!

OK, to be fair, the aftermath of the global economic crisis isn’t the best of times to be considering how much value bankers generate. Still, the message is clear: Childcare workers could stand to be appreciated a whole lot more.

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Schemas – How To Understand And Extend Children’s Behaviour

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Men In Early Childhood Education: Why We Are Where We Are – Perhaps?

It’s not often that I come across a good, well-researched article on Men In Early Childhood Education. Therefore, when I read this article, I chased the author, Richard Harty, as well as Steve, the owner of the Foundation Stage Forum, for permission to post it here.

It took some time, and although I can’t copy the article here, it is now available to the public, so please click here and read it.

My favourite bit:

Although everybody agrees that there should be more men working in Early Years Childcare, it’s pretty hard to pinpoint exactly WHY there should be more men.

Discussions about the benefits of having more men in Early Years Childcare will begin with people saying things like ‘we are fortunate to have a man’, ‘the children love him’ or ‘I am a man and I do a good job’.

In other words, nothing really substantial.

From there, things normally descend into discussions about sexuality, pay, and negative misconceptions.

More words with little practical use in supporting the arguement for WHY we need more men in Early Years Childcare.

The Foundation Stage Forum

The Foundation Stage ForumThe Foundation Stage Forum, by the way, is an outstanding forum for Early Years Practitioners, with a very VERY friendly, helpful and active community.

I hope that someday, my own forum will be at least half as successful.

There’s a whole list of references towards the end of the article, for those who are interested. You won’t be able to join the discussion on the Foundation Stage Forum, however, unless you’re a member, so please feel free to voice your thoughts here.

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Appreciation Day For Early Childhood Professionals, 25th July 2009

Anybody and everybody who’s interested in Childcare should be at SEGi College, Subang Jaya on the 25th of July 2009!

For more info click here.

Did you have a chance to attend? Share with us what the event was like in the comments section!

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