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Is The Early Childhood Profession For You?

Featuring Shara Lawrence-Weiss, founder of Personal Child Stories and Mommy Perks. Shara has a background in education, early childhood, freelance, special needs, nanny work and marketing. She resides in Northern Arizona with her husband and three children.

Did you answer NO to most of the questions below? If so, you should probably walk away, my friend.

Many people, of all ages, wonder if the early childhood profession is for them. Oftentimes (yes, really) they assume that childcare/preschool is:

• Easy
• Brainless
• Mindless
• Simple
• Fun
• No skills required
• Easy way to make money
• Anyone can do it
• As long as the kid is alive at the end of the day, it’s all good

My 20+ years working with children has taught me the following:

• It’s hard
• It’s rough
• It’s amazing
• It’s a blast
• It’s exhausting
• It’s exhilarating
• It’s a blessing Continue reading

Childcare Workers Only Paid A Tenth Of Their Worth

Childcare workers only get £1 for every £9.50 of benefits to society they create, according to a recent study called ‘A Bit Rich’ by the New Economics Foundation. In contrast, leading bankers (who are paid £500 thousand to £80 million a year) actually destroy £7 for every £1 they’re paid!

OK, to be fair, the aftermath of the global economic crisis isn’t the best of times to be considering how much value bankers generate. Still, the message is clear: Childcare workers could stand to be appreciated a whole lot more.

How Much More? Continue reading

Early Years Education In Malaysia – Math Monkey

Grab Math by its Vedic tail!

Grab Math by its Vedic tail!

Math Monkey’s key selling points are:-

  • Using Vedic Math
  • Teaching Maths in a fun, game-based manner

Vedic Math?

Although the word Vedic can be associated with the Vedas, a set of sacred ancient Hindu texts, Vedic Math is 100% religious free. And no, students don’t sit around cross-legged meditating for enlightenment on Maths. Rather, Vedic Math is a system of Maths based around 16 sutras, or principles.

Simply put, Vedic Math is an approach that allows children to perform calculations mentally with great accuracy, simplicity and speed. Not convinced? Click the link below to have a go, you’ll find it’s a lot more interesting than how we used to learn Maths.

Vedic Math Tutorial

Maths is fun, Maths is good!

According to Math Monkey:

“Cutting-edge instructional design based on the most progressive brain research ensures that Math Monkey’s curriculum gives kids the “mind-tools” they need to succeed. Our game-based program combines the beauty and wisdom of Vedic math with an environment that encourages children to question, organize, interpret, develop insight, analyze, synthesize and self-evaluate. This approach to educating empowers learners with skills that are transferable to the process of real life problem solving.”

I don’t know much about cutting-edge instructional design or progressive brain research, but if the kids have fun, and they’re learning Maths that I myself find interesting then hey, it can’t be too bad, right?

What are classes like?

Classes are 80 minutes long, once a week, with students aged from 5 to 12. Essentially, a class is comprised of at most 12 students, with 2 teachers present. I didn’t see any price listings, so I’d assume each centre has its own price structure. Nonetheless, they offer free assessments and trials, or you can just observe a class at work.

Here are Math Monkey’s location and contact details, along with some media coverage.

Math Monkey is one of many Early Years Education (EYE) methods available. See how it compares with other methods, such as homeschooling and Montessori.  And don’t forget to click the Share button below if you liked the article!

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Learn About Child Care In Malaysia, Then And Now


So what’s the current child care environment like in Malaysia? Many people may have their own perceptions and opinions, but how many actually have hard figures and facts? Well, the following article* is a highly-detailed and informative piece on child care in Malaysia.

Child Care In Malaysia – Then And Now

It’s 11 pages long, so for those who’d just like the gist of it, there’s a summary over here.

*The article is entitled “Child Care In Malaysia: Then And Now”, and is taken from the International Journal Of Child Care And Education Policy Volume 2 Issue 2, 14 Jan 2009, published by the Korea Institute Of Child Care And Education. The author is Heng Keng Chiam, the Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, as well as the former professor of Social Psychology in Education, University of Malaya.

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