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Want Your Children To Reach Their Fullest Potential? – The Montessori Method

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Montessori Materials: I'd go for the pink tower!

Every parent wants their kids to be the best they can be in life, and hopefully even be happy in the process! Well what if there was a way for children to achieve their fullest potential at their own pace, without the constant pressure to achieve the highest grades and outdo everybody else?

The Montessori Method does just that:

  • Children learn at their own individual pace and according to their own choice of activities from hundreds of possibilities. Adults serve as observers or guides, adapting the learning environment to the child’s own development level.
  • There are no text books or adult-directed group lessons and daily schedule. Children learn either 1 on 1 with an adult, or may even be taught by another child.
  • Children are segregated by activity, not by age. Montessori children can be as young as 2 months of age, or even attending high school.

The results? Montessori children score well on standardised tests, and are well prepared for later life academically, socially and emotionally. Click here if you’d like scientific evidence.

Maria Montessori

On the other hand, there are concerns that:

  • The Montessori Method does not present many opportunities for pretend play, that children needed to play, I would provide the proper apparatus; but I am not so persuaded’.
  • In addition, Montessori children are usually so engrossed in their tasks that there is limited interaction between one another, much less any sense of cooperation.

You can discuss these concerns in the comments section below.

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More Montessori Materials

Before you run off to check out your nearest Montessori School, please note: For a facility to truly be a Montessori School, teachers should be properly trained and adept at the Montessori Method, while a full range of Montessori Materials should be available. Having a few Montessori trained teachers and some Montessori Materials does NOT count. I stress this because a lot of new places proudly declare themselves to be Montessori Schools, yet fail to fully meet the standards. Knowing how to make a few McNuggets does NOT make you Ronald McDonald.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact me at Meanwhile, here are 2 of my favourite sites on the Montessori Method:

And here’s the most popular Montessori video on Youtube:

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