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BabyBook: The Pregnancy And Baby Care Guide

Having a baby is easily one of the important milestones in a couple’s life. It’s also one of the most challenging! There are so many things you need to know (or rather, worry about): salt content in food, choking hazards, SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME!

How are new parents supposed to know about these things?

  • Your parents? They may have done a superb job raising you, but let’s face it, where did they get their knowledge from? Their OWN parents, 60 years ago?
  • The internet? I love Google too, but are you really going to put the most important period of your little one’s life in Google’s hands?
  • Your friends? How reliable is their knowledge? You’re not really going to raise your pride and joy based on what your friend heard from her sister’s neighbour’s aunt’s brother’s colleague are you?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone already collected all the information you need to know, and put it in a nice little convenient book? Well, since I’m writing this, obviously someone already did!

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Who Else Likes Funny Pregnancy Comics?

Here are some of my favourite funny pregnancy comics from Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips by David and Kelly Sopp. Hilariously good stuff!

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Pregnancy Tips 1a

Ever wondered if the lady on the LRT is pregnant or just “prosperous”?

Pregnancy Tips 1b

Next time when in doubt, just get up or pretend to be asleep!

Pregnancy Tips 3a

Always look to Malaysians to set an example when driving.

Pregnancy Tips 3b

Sometimes a good example, sometimes a bad example!

Pregnancy Tips 5

No fair! Guys like stretchy clothes too!

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