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Dealing With Challenging Behaviour In Children

While reading up on Theories of Cognitive Development (sounds fun, I know!), I came across something very interesting:Challenging Behaviour

‘Punishment has to be severe, consistent and immediate to effectively stop challenging behaviour in the long term.’

Of course, anyone who deals with children will know that each of these 3 factors is a handful in their own right:

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Why Punishing Your Child Is Bad And What To Do Instead

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When a child persistently misbehaves, the first reaction of a parent will be to punish him. “I’m going to teach you a lesson!” yells Dad, and the child is smacked, given a time out or told he can’t watch TV for a week.

Sound familiar? Maybe so, but just because everybody does it, doesn’t mean it’s the best approach.

How would you deal with misbehaviour?

How would you deal with misbehaviour?

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