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Mind Reading Baby Geniuses! – The Shichida Method

What powers will be unlocked?

What awesome powers will be unlocked?

One of my readers (that’s you Jenny) recently asked me about the Shichida Method. I jokingly replied that someone I knew brought her son to Shichida sessions, and they were (seriously) teaching him ESP!

I know you’re anxious to find out if the boy ever made it as a mind-reader, but let’s take a broader look at the Shichida Method first.

What is the Shichida Method?

Unlike most Early Years Education methods, rather than focusing on  teaching specific skills, the Shichida Method focuses on conditioning a child’s brain to function at its peak.

It’s sort of like saying, rather than teaching someone to be good at basketball, swimming and football, let’s condition his body to be a super athlete instead so that’ he’s a natural at all sports.

As such, the Shichida Method is a system which focuses on ensuring a child’s right brain develops well together with his left brain, thereby unlocking a high level or potential.

Potential for what?

The Shichida Method uses the tag line  “Success Beyond Imagination”, and judging by some of the testimonials, it’s certainly no exaggeration! Children using the Shichida Method have demonstrated abilities such as:

  • Photographic memory
  • Super IQ
  • Music mastery
  • Sporting excellence
  • Superb intuition

It’s even brought a 60 year old man out of a deep coma!

How do they do it?

I honestly have no idea. Having browsed their website as well as gone through their brochure (attached below), all I see are claims of the wonders of Shichida, together with countless testimonies from parents.

If anybody could shed some light on how exactly the Shichida Method is conducted, please feel free to do so in the comments section below, or contact me directly.

Oh, and no, the boy I mentioned earlier didn’t become psychic, but apparently some of them do.

Additional resources

They offer preview sessions, and apparently 90% of the people who attended  them signed up.

Shichida Method Brochure 2008

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