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Government Unveils Wide-ranging Review Of The Early Years Foundation Stage

A review of the Early Years Foundation Stage! What do we think this means?

From the Department for Education, 6 July 2010:

Children’s Minister Sarah Teather today asked Dame Clare Tickell, Chief Executive of Action for Children, to carry out a review of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) so that it is less bureaucratic and more focused on young children’s learning and development.

Ministers are concerned that the EYFS framework is currently too rigid and puts too many burdens on the Early Years workforce, which has led to some of the workforce saying they are spending less time with children, and more time ticking boxes.

The Government has asked Dame Clare, a children and families expert, to make sure the standards that support young children’s learning are based on the best and latest research on children’s development. They want to shift the focus to getting children ready for education and to increasing the attainment of children from deprived backgrounds.

The review will cover four main areas: Continue reading

The EYPS Gateway Review


Part of achieving the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) involves going through the EYPS Gateway Review. The course providers make a really big deal out of it, which can be a little daunting at first.

However, the Gateway Review is not an exam, so candidates can’t fail. It’s more of a guidance to ensure that candidates are on track for their final assessment setting visit.

The Gateway Review is (supposedly) designed, first, to check that candidates understand the 39 EYPS standards (don’t worry though, just UNDERSTANDING them is fine, you don’t have to recite them from memory or anything like that).

Secondly, the Gateway Review is meant to assess three skills generic to working as an Early Years Professional (EYP) and fundamental to meeting the 39 EYPS standards.

The three skills are:

  • The ability to make decisions on the basis of sound judgment
  • The ability to lead and support others
  • The ability to relate to, and communicate with, others

In order to assess these three skills and our understanding of the 39 EYPS standards, we lucky candidates get to go through a series of four different exercises, all in one day: Continue reading

What Everybody Ought To Know About Choking Children

It's important to know when something's up with your child

It’s important to know when something’s up with your child

Ever been there when a child is choking? Time stands still, and within a split second, several questions shoot across your mind: Oh my god, is she choking? What do I do? Is she going to die?

Children up to the age of 6 are at high risk of choking, with babies under 2 at the highest risk. A child with a fully obstructed airway for more than 4 minutes will experience brain damage or death. An ambulance is likely to take at least 10 minutes to arrive.

Learn how to deal with this situation. 

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How I’m Treated Differently In Early Years Childcare As A Guy

Odd One Out

Odd One Out

When I was deciding to pursue my career in childcare, one of my main concerns was that I would be a male in a female-dominated industry. The issue wasn’t about me being a minority; it was whether parents would be comfortable with a male looking after their kids. I’ve been told that some parents are supposedly  apprehensive and distrustful towards grown men who take too much of an interest in their children.

Article continues here.

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Hello, and welcome!

This site’s going to be about promoting Early Years Childcare, focusing on Malaysia and the UK.

Everybody’s welcome, but the specific groups I hope to attract interest from are:-

  1. Childcare practitioners who’d like to keep abreast with the latest industry developments
  2. People interested in entering the Childcare Industry
  3. Parents looking for their best available childcare options

For now, please feel free to say a quick hello, and maybe give some suggestions or requests of what you’d like to see!

The site is also currently migrating to here.

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